Thanksgiving Traditions

by Danielle Petroskey

One of my family’s Thanksgiving traditions is to go around our dinner table and tell everyone what we are thankful for. This is a tradition that we’ve started here at Stahls’. (Minus the dinner table.) We wanted to share why we are Thankful for You, our Valued Customers!

Every call is someone special to me.  I am thankful they choose Stahls’ to learn new and exciting things to do for their customer. It makes my day to hear just one person say that really like what we can offer.  I love those who are new to the industry and need us to teach them the “ropes.” I am just thankful of the job I have and the customers I serve.

Cheryl S. Customer Service

  • I’m thankful for our customers because they are a big factor on why our industry continues to grow. Their demand for new products and services keeps us moving forward and helps keep the industry exciting and new. I look forward to working with you  in the upcoming year. To continued success!

Bruce W. GSSA  representing DC, DE,MD,NC,VA,WV

  • I’m thankful to our customers because they inspire.  I always appreciate their creativity and respect the risks they’ve taken by starting their own businesses. I am extremely thankful that they have chosen us along the way as a business partner. Many of our customers are very loyal to Stahls’ and I’m thankful for that as well!

Josh Ellsworth  General Manager, Stahls’

  • I appreciate our customers when they ask for me the second time; when they send me a quick email to say “Thank you” after the job is finished. I’m also Thankful for our long time customers, that I know who they are, by the sound of their voice. They call us year after year – they are the reason we are all here today.

Customer Service Rep

  • It is an honor to have your trust and confidence in choosing GroupeSTAHL and myself, as your preferred vendor partner to help your business grow.

Brian Pursel GSSA representing S. TX, LA

  • I’m Thankful for my customers for seeing the value in our business and for picking us, to be their business partner, above the rest. I’m also Grateful to my customers for all the referrals & being patient and understanding.

Yolanda Merrill GSSA representing IL,IN,MI

  • I appreciate our customers because without them there would be no ‘Us’- Stahls’. We provide them with the tools & resources they need for their businesses, and in turn, they keep us in business AND provide jobs. For that I am very THANKFUL.

Patrick Seward GSSA representing NY Metro, NJ

We hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season!

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