Historical Hockey Jerseys – But Not the Way You’re Thinking

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

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Four score and seven years ago we highlighted the outside-the-box thinking behind the Bakersfield Condors’ new jerseys. Ok, it wasn’t that long ago, but the minor league hockey team placed sublimated metallic wings on its jerseys, following the recent trend of professional teams using specialty fabrics and sublimation in their uniform designs. The Condors’ latest special-event uniform, to be worn this weekend, however, goes a step further.

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, the team will be wearing jerseys adorned with images of Lincoln, a Civil War battle, and the address itself.

The front of the jerseys features a sublimated image of Abe Lincoln and a banner celebrating the anniversary of the famous speech. In the upper-left chest area sits the Condors’ mascot, appropriately wearing Lincoln’s renowned stovepipe hat. Under each arm is a Civil War cannon.

The jersey’s back contains the text of the Gettysburg Address, with the famous opening words, “Four score and seven years ago” featured prominently above the player’s name. A battle scene between Union and Confederate forces stretches across the bottom of the jersey.

The Condors will be wearing the jersey this Sunday, November 10th, and auctioning off jerseys after the game to benefit a local charity.

I think it’s safe to say that with these jerseys, the Condors will be making history as well as commemorating it.

Youth and adult leagues love to imitate the pros. While they might not print the Gettysburg Address or Franklin Roosevelt’s first inaugural address (I may have just given the Condors an idea), sublimated jerseys with background designs, color fades, and even tie-dye patterns are quite popular. You can help teams achieve unique, professional-looking uniforms using Stahls’ custom logo options.

For embroidered logos and crests, try our custom cut options. Simply upload your artwork and choose whether you’d like the appliqué design to arrive in multiple pieces or Kiss Cut®, with each layer pre-aligned. For one-color logos, you can also choose a design custom cut from CAD-CUT® heat transfer materials.

For vivid full color designs, try CAD-PRINTZ® full color digital logos. Available in a variety of materials, you can even achieve a full color embroidered look with CAD-PRINTZ Perma-TWILL®, which looks sewn but is applied with just a heat press.

There are many options for creating cutting-edge team uniforms, even if they aren’t based on great speeches, books, or stories. If your customer wants something fresh and exciting, remember that Stahls’ does more than just letters and numbers.


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