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How To Use Heat Transfer Foil at Events

Using Adhesive and Heat Transfer Foil at events allows you to really allow customers to customize their shirts. Pre-cut the designs in CAD-CUT® Adhesive then have multiple foil colors and patterns for customers to select from. Not only does it get the customer involved in designing their own shirt, it can draw a crowd. Foil is an inexpensive option for heat printing at events.

Don’t forget you can always set up an online store after an event to sell through any leftover inventory.

For more Foil information – download the Complete Guide to Foils eBook.

Watch this video of Josh Ellsworth explaining how he used Heat Transfer Foil at his daughter’s dance events.

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2 thoughts on “How To Use Heat Transfer Foil at Events”

  1. I really love this, just one question can I use the foil transfer to put in a paper bag and reusable bag?

  2. We wouldn’t recommend putting it on a paper bag since you need to use heat to apply the foil. Yes, it can be used on a reusable bag but make sure it can take the heat of 300 degrees.

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