It’s Summer – Bundle Up and Save

Our history is with small businesses, it’s where we came from and is the backbone of our customer-base. We understand how crucial it is, as a small business, to save money where you can. In fact, it’s one of the foundations of our own company’s values.

That’s why this month we’re choosing to highlight some ways you can save by bundling equipment and accessories to stretch your business dollars as far as possible.

Hotronix® Heat Press Packages

Get started with the right equipment at the right price. Choose from our four heat press machine packages, designed to give you everything you need for your business while saving you hundreds of dollars. Each package includes a heat press, platens, accessories, pre-cut numbers, and training that will help ensure your success. Bundle your package with other equipment and save even more!

Find more information on our heat press packages and how to go about ordering the package that fits your business best.

Download the Heat Press Buying Guide to learn more about how to choose the right heat press for your business.

Accessory Kits

Have all the heat printing equipment you need but looking for more ways to save? We’ve got you covered with our accessory bundles bringing together the most popular and useful accessories at a savings.

Heat Press Accessory Kit

The kit includes a heat press pillow, cover sheet, Print Perfect pad, Kraft paper cover sheets and a heat eraser. These tools make your heat printing life a little easier. Individually, buying each of the items included in this kit would cost you over $100, but by buying a bundle you’ll save 30%!

Heat Printing Pillow Set of 5

These reusable 3/4” foam core heat printing pillows coated with a non-stick finish are an invaluable tool in getting a professional finish on those garments that pose a challenge. Heat print pillows are great for garments with multiple seams, buttons, or zippers. The seams or other obstructions sink down into the pillow preventing print-through and eliminating heat press marks.

Our Heat Printing Pillows are available in sizes 16″ x 20″, 12″ x 14″, 5″ x 18″, 6″ x 8″, and 10″ x 10.” Buy the set and save almost 10%.

Hotronix® Quick Change Platens

Quick Change platens make your job easier, from getting just the right size for application on smaller garments or accessories, to opening up opportunities for unique placements on a variety of items. All of our Quick Change Platens are made with a durable aluminum base and have a 3/8″ printing pad. Quick change platens are a work horse in your shop.

Value Set of 3 Hotronix® Quick Change Heat Press Platens

This Value Set includes our most versatile platens at a cost savings over purchasing individually.

7″ Round — Ideal platen for use on gym bags and items that require a round printing surface.

6″x10″ — Great for printing youth garments and smaller items.

8″x10″ — Perfect for printing items that require a smaller printing surface.

Interchangeable Hotronix® Cap Platens Value Set of 4

Cap platens for every style! Interchangeable cap platens make decorating any hat a cinch, from over-size to low profile this set has all your bases covered. And by purchasing the set, not only will you save up to 10%, you won’t miss out on an opportunity to heat press a hat regardless of the style.

Blade Packages

Dull blades are the enemy of a clean cut on heat transfer vinyl! We say it over and over because it’s important – a sharp blade is crucial when cutting heat transfer vinyl with your vinyl cutter. Skip the headaches of jagged, incomplete, or difficult to weed cuts and stock up on blades today.

Premium Carbide Blades 5-Pack

These Premium Carbide Dura vinyl blades have a longer life than regular blades and cleanly cut thick film materials. 5-packs are available in either 45° or 60° blades, and offer 10% savings over buying the blades one at a time!

Standard Blades 5-Pack

Replacement blades for Roland®, Graphtec, and GCC vinyl cutters available in standard and economy value sets. Save over 25% by buying a this 5-pack.

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