Heat Printing on Sweaters?

By Paul Sabatini, Marketing

With the fall comes hockey season. While leagues are typically in progress from October through June, hockey has become a year-round sport, not only for professionals but for youth and adult programs as well. And hockey isn’t played just on the ice anymore – roller hockey and floor hockey have become increasingly popular in recent years.

While hockey does not have any formal uniform numbering rules, numbers are generally placed on the back and on the sleeves, with some teams opting for a smaller front number as well. Specific leagues may have uniform regulations covering number size and placement, as well as player names. And don’t forget that many teams will have captains and alternates who will have a “C” or an “A” on the front of their jersey. You can find suggestions on decorating hockey jerseys on our How to Decorate Hockey Jerseys page.

With the many breathable, lighter-weight jerseys (or, in hockey parlance, “sweaters”) being offered today it is important to have the right tools (a heat press) and heat transfer material. Stretchability, breathability, finish (matte or glossy), and adhesion are just some of the factors you will want to take into account when choosing a heat transfer material.

Because hockey jerseys are generally cut larger to accommodate the pads underneath, decorating hockey jerseys requires a larger heat press, such as a 16 x 20 model. With a larger heat press you can save yourself time by being able to heat apply the name and number together in one application as opposed to doing each of them separately.

As previously mentioned, there are numerous jersey materials in the market today.  It is imperative to have the right heat transfer material to apply onto your garment.  There are many different heat transfer materials to choose from, depending on the substrate and the desired look and finish.  Finding the right one will be key to your success with your customers and in gaining repeat and new business.



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