Myths About Heat Printing

Heat printing is such a great option for decorating apparel. By simply putting “heat printing” in any search engine, you’ll find a lot of information and not all of it correct. Let us help by shedding light on some of the misconceptions about heat printing.

You Can Only Decorate T-Shirts

A big, fat false on this one! Who doesn’t see a blank garment and think of it as a canvas just waiting to be decorated? Whether that blank is a t-shirt, bag, or something else, the heat presses and accessories developed by Hotronix® provide the world’s most innovative technology to get the job done. For example, the Hotronix® Cap Heat Press is the perfect heat press for decorating hats. Need to apply a logo to a promotional item such as a football? The Hotronix® Sports Ball Heat Press makes it easy to get it done.

The Choices in HTV are Limited

What?! Heck no! There are so many options with Heat Transfer Technology™. Need something photo-realistic? You’ll find full color digital prints do just that. Looking for something with a little glimmer and shine? CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake™, Metallic, Hologram, and even Foil  materials to add that shimmer and shine you can’t get with screen printing or embroidery. We offer reflective and glow HTV options that are both safe and fun to heat apply. And let’s not forget about full color emblems with unmatched texture and dimension with FlexStyle® by Stahls’.

A Heat Press is Only for Transfers

Far from it! Aside from being a great way to remove wrinkles, a heat press can apply emblems and cure direct-to-garment prints. If you’re an embroiderer, a heat press is the perfect solution for pressing designs that roll or wave.

Heat Transfers Just Don’t Last

Nope! Heat transfers are durable and long-lasting. They hold up just as well as screen printed or embroidered decorations. Actually, heat transfers can outlive the life of a garment!

Heat Printing is Only for Decorating Team Uniforms

Now that’s just nonsense! Of course, heat transfer vinyl, such as Thermo-FILM®, is the top choice when heat printing team uniforms. But there’s so much more you can do! Decorating performance wear can be a challenge, but heat printing technology and innovations, like the Hotronix® Heat Press Power Platen™, are up to the task. And let’s not forget the opportunities to heat print fashion items, corporate wear, and even decorative accessories for the home.

Heat Printing Materials are Stiff

You guessed it – false! Materials used for heat printing range in thickness and are made to last. Team names and numbers need to be durable, but that doesn’t mean they have to be hard and rigid. Many heat transfer materials are super soft. There are some that are light weight and designed to stretch with garments for a barely there feel, like Premium Plus™ heat transfer vinyl.

So, now that you know the facts about heat printing, you’ll see why so many others have made it their choice for decorating apparel. Download the Heat Print Without Limits infographic to learn more.

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