Breaking the Rules of Printing Headwear

Apply graphics on virtually any location of a hat with heat printing!

All you need is a T-shirt Heat Press or Cap Heat Press and the right platen to get started with unique and exciting custom hat decoration.

Baseball hat decoration has come a long way in the past 10 years. Gone are the days of only letters & numbers on the front. Not only are consumers asking for different types of hats (trucker, fitted, snapback, strapback, flexfit, 5-panel, visor) and different materials (cotton, wool, acrylic, felt, nylon, polyester), they now want the placement of the design all over the hat.

Here is a video with some of the trends we’ve noticed out there and how to get the look with Stahls’ products or download the Hat Heat Printing infographic for more ideas and inspiration.

Pre-Cut Numbers on the front of a hat

Front Crown Print

Most popular placement. When heat applying the Acrylic Felt Pre-Cut “231” to the front crown, Stahls’ uses the 2 ¾” x 6 ½” cap press platen. It’s ideal for printing any area on low-profile caps.


full color design on the bottom of the bill of a cap

Under the Bill Print

With this look you will use a regular shirt heat press with a hat bill platen, exclusively from Hotronix®. This design uses Express Print Digital Material. It’s great for heat applying under the bill because of its flexibility.


design going around the front and side of a grey and black hat

Wrap-Around Print

Create the wrap-around look in 3 easy steps with the help of the 3″ x 5 ¾” hat platen and CAD-CUT® Thermo-FILM®. First, heat apply “Grave” with the other half of the transfer to the side. Second, unlock the hat and rotate the hat. Third, lock the hat back in place, align “Digger” with “Grave” and heat apply.


crown to bill hat design

Crown-to-Bill Print

This is definitely a crowd favorite and couldn’t have been made without the low profile, 2 ¾” x 6 ½” platen for a hat heat press and CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake™. To create this look first heat apply “Bull” to the lower crown, then heat apply “dogs” to the bill.

If you have found other trends or created other awesome hat ideas we would love to see them!

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6 thoughts on “Breaking the Rules of Printing Headwear”

  1. Hello, I was told by a shirt/Cap vendor you had a Cap Press on sale till the end of the month? I don’t see it anywhere??? I have a shirt Press but like the idea of doing caps!


  2. Hi Tony,

    We do indeed have two models of cap press available. There isn’t currently a sale on them, but both machines are available with free shipping. Check out the Hotronix® Auto Cap and MAXX® Cap presses on our website, or call 800.4.STAHLS to order.

  3. What hat material would you guys recommend for best results if I’m using heat transfer vinyl. Something that won’t melt or change color.

  4. Interested in more info on hat presses. I am a regular customer
    Heidi’s Craft and Design however I have put my personal email below instead of the business email.

  5. Hi Heidi, thanks for your inquiry about the hat presses! I will have one of our customer service reps reach out to you for more information. Thank you!

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