Heat Presses Need Check-Ups, Too

By Peggy Elliott, Marketing

Hotronix FUSION Heat PressRoutine maintenance should be standard in any business. This applies to your heat printing business as well. If you have a steady flow of orders for heat transfer vinyl, screen printed transfers, and other decorations, chances are your heat press could use a check-up now and again. Be ready for summer orders and fall sports: make sure your heat press can pass its check-up.

1. Take a damp rag and wipe the top of the machine and the base. Keeping your work area dust free not only keeps your machine free of dust, but also keeps dirt from getting on T-shirts or other apparel you may decorate.

2. Use a heat press test kit to make sure your machine is up to temperature. If your machine does not have even heat throughout the platen, you won’t have a successful application. Translation: The adhesive on letters and numbers will not melt properly and they will eventually fall off.

3. Is the silicone pad on your bottom platen worn? This will cause uneven pressure. If your machine is otherwise in top-notch order, you can replace this rubber silicone pad. Uneven pressure results in poor application, especially with heat transfers. You can protect your lower platen and make the dressing of garments even easier with the Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector.

4. Check your upper platen. Residue of inks from Direct-To-Garment prints, adhesives from unprotected lettering, and dyes from dark-colored or sublimated apparel can collect on your upper platen. With a non-stick coated platen, they’re easily removed with a damp rag. If you have a platen without non-stick coating, a little elbow grease and some cleaner may be needed to remove debris.

You wouldn’t go through winter without checking your furnace, or summer without checking your air conditioning, or run your car for miles without an oil change or proper tune-up. Your heat press is the foundation of your business! Without it you can’t make money, but with simple maintenance you will save money.

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