Heat Press Pressure: Grilled Cheese Edition

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Ta-da! A tasty heat application.

Included in the list of things that will never go out of style are well-decorated clothing and tasty lunches. With that in mind, we’re posting a Friday Flashback from 2013 which not only includes tips on a crucial part of the heat printing “recipe,” pressure, but a recipe for a delicious lunch, as well.

During busy season, baseball, softball, soccer and other uniform orders come fast and furious. There may be times when deadlines are so tight you don’t even get a chance to eat. So what’s  a busy, famished heat printer to do?  Make some grilled cheese, that’s what.

In this video, A Lesson on Heat Press Pressure, Josh Ellsworth of Stahls’ CAD-CUT® Direct uses a heat press to make a grilled cheese sandwich – a grilled cheese sandwich with a purpose! In addition to being a delicious snack, Josh’s sandwich demonstrates the perils associated with printing on an uneven surface. Just as the center of the bread isn’t fully cooked because its crust causes uneven pressure and heat, heat transfer materials can be incompletely applied because of seams, collars, crusts, or whatever else might get in the way.

Thanks to the Hotronix® innovation of Threadability™, you can avoid uneven pressure and heating when dealing with seams, collars, buttons, etc.  By threading garments on the lower platen, you ensure proper pressure and even heating for successful application.  Plus, you can decorate the front and back of the same garment without redressing the platen, cutting production time by up to 40%.

You can add Threadability to your Hotronix Auto Clam or MAXX™ clam press with the Heat Press Caddie™ or CounterCaddie® and help ensure proper application every time.

With Threadability you can rest easy knowing that you’re applying transfers properly and saving time – maybe even enough time to enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich. Just don’t forget to clean up when you’re done!

Video: A Lesson on Heat Press Pressure

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