Happy Halloween from Stahls’

by Gorilla Grip Gary, Guest Contributor and Heat Press Haunter

Our guest blogger seems almost as scared as Peggy.

Good afternoon, boos and ghouls! Let me be quite frank(Einstein) with you – I relish this opportunity to leave my dungeon lab and experiments to post on the Stahls’ blog, especially on my favorite day of the year (and birthday, might I add). I’ve been busy testing my ideas for the Scare Fusion heat press, Thermo-SHOCK material, and vinyl slasher, so it’s nice to visit my old haunts once again.

When I emerged from my heat printing laboratory beneath Stahls’ ID Direct, I found a wonderful sight: Stahls’ employees, who usually look frighteningly normal, had dressed in ways I found more appropriate. Witches, spacemen, and goblins filled the halls, chilling my heart and making me feel right at home.

Yes, Stahls’ employees always get in the spirit of the season, no matter the season, and they enjoy using heat transfer materials to help them do so.

Here are just a few of the ways the gang livened the place up a little (I, of course, prefer deadening it).




Lisa got in on the fun of the production team’s Alice in Wonderland theme with an outfit decorated with Glitter Flake hearts.


Glitter Flake was also popular over in customer service, where Holly wore a shirt decorated in purple and black (my two favorite colors).






And the fun wasn’t limited to clothing! These trick-or-treat bags were made with CAD-CUT® Glow heat transfer vinyl. Glow is a great product, but when I wear it, people can see me coming in the dark – and we can’t have that! Muah-ha-ha-ha!

Well, it’s back to my heat printing tomb…I mean room, until next year. Happy Halloween – and don’t eat too much candy!

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