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Get This Look: Holiday Home Decor

Get This Look is a blog series where we show you how to create a unique look from our team of designers with instructions from start to finish. Download the PDF or watch the video to see how to Get This Look.

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The holidays will be here before you know it. While there is an absolute opportunity for heat printing awesome gifts any recipient would love, don’t forget about those who enjoy decking their halls.

This GTL will show you how you can get creative with painted mason jars and CAD-CUT® Permanent P.S. Sign Vinyl. Take something simple and make it so much more, and do it the easy way with sign vinyl. And that’s just the start. Once you tackle this project, there’s no doubt you’ll be inspired into creating more décor items that will have a positive impact on your sales.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Equipment: Vinyl Cutter
Garment: Painted Mason Jars (available at most retail craft stores)
Materials: CAD-CUT® Permanent P.S. Sign Vinyl, Red
CAD-CUT® Patterns Sign Vinyl, Buffalo Plaid
ORATAPE® Patterns Mask

Watch the video or download the PDF guide with step by step instructions for creating this design.

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