Get Sweet with CAD-CUT Special Effect Materials

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Unlock designs customers will love with Glitter Flake.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, meaning hearts, flowers, and depictions of Cupid, bow and arrow in hand, are everywhere.  For many of us, this evokes childhood memories of passing out Valentines to our classmates. Of course, the classmate we had the crush on would get something special, like Batman chasing down the Joker with the line, “No joking – be mine!”  Because, I mean, how awesome is that?  The kid we didn’t like so much always got Aquaman or Plastic Man or some other second-tier hero.  At least that’s how I operated….

But anyway, there’s no reason that tradition can’t continue today with Valentine’s Day T-shirts. Whether your customer wants to surprise friends with shirts showing how much they care or you’re looking to do something nice for your employees, there are plenty of special effect heat transfer materials to make unforgettable Valentine shirts.

CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake™, for example, adds a dash of flair to designs with its textured glitter finish. A cute little bee made using a trapping technique to combine Black and Yellow Gold Glitter Flake with the phrase, “Bee Mine” is sure to generate a lot of buzz.  Also keep in mind that Pink Glitter Flake becomes iridescent when applied to dark-colored garments, leading to even more design options.

Or how about a Gloss bird with the label, “Tweetheart?” Perhaps flames in Metallic Orange Fashion-FILM® Metallic II around the words, “Hot Stuff.”  Or get clever with “We make a great pear” T-shirts with pears cut from Sour Apple Fashion-FILM® Electric.

Even Pre-Cut Letters and Numbers can get in on the action!  “Number 1 Valentine” in Red Thermo-FLOCK®, anyone?

The point is there are a lot of options for making Valentine’s Day T-shirts.  All you need are CAD-CUT® heat transfer materials, a vinyl cutter, a heat press, and some terrible puns!

So this Valentine’s Day, create eye-catching designs with CAD-CUT special effect materials.

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