Embracing the Red Wings and CAD-CUT® Hologram

Submitted by Cara Cherry, Public Relations

If you’re a true Detroiter then you’re a sports fan. If you work at Stahls’ ID Direct then you’re a sports fanatic! Even when our teams our down, we support them. We believe in them all. Especially our amazing Red Wings.

On Tuesday, the Red Wings rallied back a 0-3 series deficit forcing the San Jose Sharks to a seventh game. They became the seventh team in Stanley Cup history ever to do so!

In true Stahls’ ID fashion, we are now bringing out the fan wear. As you walk around the Stahls’ ID campus, you’re bound to see lots of different types of garments. Traditional jerseys, screen printed T-shirts, and of course designs created by our own employees featuring heat applied products from Stahls’ ID Direct.

Over the last few years, our CAD-CUT® line of products has increased to include a number of special effect heat transfer materials. Our employees have gotten super creative, especially Carole Callert of the Stahls’ ID Direct Marketing Department. Carole is actually the star behind many of the designs that have been featured in our catalog over the last few years. She came up with a fantastic design featuring the new CAD-CUT Hologram and displaying her dedication to the Wings. Carole made shirts for both her and fellow employee, Jeanine Flannery.

As the Red Wings prepare to take on the sharks, Carole will be glued to her set cheering them on. Let’s hope her designs bring them a bit of luck.

Let’s go Red Wings, let’s go!


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