Family Reunion T-Shirts

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Summer’s here, and for many that means a family reunion is on its way. It’s time once again for hot dogs and warm potato salad, sack races and games of horseshoes, a pinch on the cheek from Aunt Agnes, and endless stories about the successes and conquests of your sweet cousin Gary. And, of course, finally meeting mom’s Uncle Manny, whom you always thought died in the early ’60s. This is the stuff of which memories are made. Help your customers keep these memories fresh with unique heat printed mementos.

Family reunion T-shirts are sure to be a popular item with the kinfolk. Simple lettering announcing the event, a solid color graphic cut in heat transfer vinyl, or a full color picture are all great ways to show family pride. Suggest a picture of grandma, a photo from a previous reunion, or even a picture of Uncle Larry with a lampshade on his head and the words, “Wild and Crazy: Lumiere Family Reunion 2017.” A family tree on the back of the shirt would allow each person to proudly display his or her branch and its roots. A simple tree, especially if the family name is Oake or Ashe, could also be a poplar… er, popular… design.  And why not celebrate Uncle Manny’s longevity with a special shirt? “Manny Starzec: Still Alive!”

Personalized T-shirts are also a good-looking alternative to name tags. No longer will people have to avoid eye contact or stumble through awkward introductions because they don’t remember names. Plus, the anonymous relation will have a great keepsake of the day he met cousin what’s-his-name.

Tip: CAD-CUT® Templates with interchangeable data are a great way to print personalized designs for a family (or a team). Just create a design, place the interchangeable data, and type in a list of names. You’ll receive your personalized designs already cut and ready to heat press.

For a slightly more formal look, polo shirts can be adorned with the family crest on the left chest.  The customer’s family doesn’t have a crest?  Encourage them to make one up. There’s no better time than now to create a symbol  that can be passed down through the generations, whether it’s a majestic lion wearing a crown or a couple of elks and a marshmallow. It’s their family, they can represent it with any symbols they find significant – and will have you to thank.

But the ideas shouldn’t be limited to just clothing. Coffee mugs, mouse pads, and beverage koozies are also great ways to commemorate the big day. Maybe someone’s not sure if the guy under the oak tree is a distant cousin or just another visitor to the park. If he’s holding a can koozie emblazoned with the family name, chances are he’s attending the reunion. If he really is a stranger, his thievery can be foiled.  Either way, it’s a great way to break the ice!

So suggest family reunion mementos to current and prospective customers, and don’t forget to offer non-apparel items as add-on sales. They’ll have a souvenir that shows their family pride, and you’ll have a loyal customer.

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