Heat Transfer Templates for Valentines Day

Fall in Love with Heat Transfer Templates

by Danielle Petroskey & Peggy Dwyer, Marketing

be_my_valentineHave you ever wanted to create custom designs with CAD-CUT® heat transfer vinyl, but don’t have a vinyl cutter or craft cutter? Or maybe you just want to try one design to see if it will be a hit with your customers. Maybe you’ve tried the Easy View® Designer from Transfer Express® for screen printed transfers and loved it and now want something similar for heat transfer vinyl and foils.

Enter our newest innovation: CAD-CUT® Templates. They make it easy for you to design custom one-color heat transfers for popular decorating markets with our free, easy-to-use online designer.


It’s as simple as 1-2-3:
1. Choose a heat transfer template from our library.
2. Change the color of your design, customize text, and swap out clipart to create a unique design. Stahls’ will cut it in the material of your choice and ship to you, ready to heat apply.
3. Heat press your design.

Check out this video to see how we created a Valentine’s Day shirt in seconds, using the new CAD-CUT Templates Designer.

Here are the step-by-step directions for BE MY VALENTINE:
1. Visit the CAD-CUT® Heat Transfer Templates page and log in to your account

2. Click on the green “Go to Designer” button

3. Choose a template – The fastest way to create a design is by choosing a stock template and changing it. For our Valentine’s Day design, we used CME-00012.

4. Change
the text line “RIVERSIDE” to “BE MY”. We swapped out the Varsity font for Florence Regular.

5. Change the second line of text. We swapped “BULLDOGS HOCKEY” for “VALENTINE” and chose to use the Better Phoenix script font instead of the Varsity default font.

6. Add or remove clipart. We added a clipart heart to the center line, between the lines of text. Hearts are displayed under “Design Elements” in the clipart selection.

7. Adjust text and clipart size to your liking.

8. Pick the material and color for the design. We were decorating a black shirt, so we decided to use Pink Glitter Flake™ heat transfer vinyl as our material. You can see what the final shirt will look like in your design preview by choosing the garment color as your background color and the color and material you will be ordering.

Go ahead, log in to Stahls.com and create custom designs in no time! We’d love to hear your feedback – please tell us in the comments.

If you don’t have one, create create an account online to start using the new CAD-CUT Template Designer.


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