Fabulous at 40!

by Danielle Petroskey, Marketing

The birthday girl, Alison (left), and Nancy.

As employees of Stahls’ we are encouraged to use our products and heat press machines. We believe hands-on experience helps us to serve you better.

Our teams have always been creative in finding new ways to use our products. Take, for example, Nancy G. in our custom department. She knew Alison Z., our customer service assistant manager, was turning 40 and wanted to do something special for her. After looking through Pinterest, she came up with an idea.

Using CadworxLive.com, and CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake™ heat transfer material, she was able to make a gift bag and tag even more festive with sparkly embellishments.



Tools needed:
Glitter Flake heat transfer material
Non-Stick Cover Sheet
• Card Stock
• Gift Bag

How to create personalized gift bag and tag:
1. Create design in CadworxLIVE.com (Nancy used Stahls’ Chalkboard for the silver font and Brody for the script font)
2. Cut design with vinyl cutter
3. Weed design with an EZ-Weeder
4. Place design on card stock or gift bag
5. Cover with non-stick cover sheet
6. Heat apply design onto card stock and gift bag at normal settings
7. Peel carrier
8. Make someone’s day extra-special!


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