Everyone Loves Hoodies… But They Love Custom Hoodies Even More!

by Tammie Bryant, Marketing

In addition to my work at Stahls’, I run a heat printing business with a partner. Recently we presented a customer the idea of placing names on the hoods of hooded sweatshirts for their cheerleading team outfits. They loved the idea.

Our biggest question was, “What direction do we place the names?” Was there a standard out there already set and if so, what was it?

With quite a bit of time spent on research, we came to the conclusion that the answer was, “It depends.”

It depends on if the person wearing the hoodie will be wearing it with the hood down most of the time, or the hood up most of the time. Either direction will cause the name on the hoodie to be upside down at some point – so pick the direction it will be right-side up most of the time.

When pressing the names onto the hoods, we used a 6” x 8” heat printing pillow inside the hood due to the uneven seems. We had not yet purchased the new Hotronix® Heat Press Caddie™ Shelves and thought they would have come in real handy. A second person had to hold the hoodie while the hood was laying on the platen – to keep it from sliding off. The shelves would have held the hoodie and my partner could have kept watching “Sons Of Anarchy.”

The customer loved the end result and we look forward to selling the idea to future customers.

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14 thoughts on “Everyone Loves Hoodies… But They Love Custom Hoodies Even More!”

  1. I like where you chose to place the name in this picture. Also love the font. Do you recall the name of the font? Thanks!

  2. What type of vinyl do you use on your sweatshirts? I have seen some sweatshirts that have a thick HTV. I have been unable to find out what kind of HTV it is.

  3. Hi Melissa,

    CAD-CUT Fashion-FILM® was used on this particular hoodie and is recommended for a great look and feel (it’s lightweight and layerable with a matte finish), but there are many heat transfer vinyls that can be used on sweatshirts. Most of our CAD-CUT® materials apply to 100% cotton, polyester, or blends. Check out our Material/Fabric Selection chart to see which vinyls apply to which fabrics.

    Thermo-FILM® is a thicker, abrasion-resistant vinyl, and inhibits dye migration. That could be the vinyl that you’ve seen.

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