heat transfer vinyl for team uniforms

Thermo-FILM® – Seeing is Believing

One of the first things you learn when coming to Stahls’ is the history of Thermo-FILM® heat transfer vinyl, a fascinating material the family first developed in 1977.

It was the first film on the market with a polyester adhesive. From that day forward, Thermo-FILM® changed the world of athletic lettering and numbering and remains the most popular heat transfer vinyl for athletic wear. Ted Stahl said it would outlive any garment. I believed him. This photo is proof and I hope makes you a believer, too.

Thermo-Film® Heat Transfer Vinyl

This shirt is decorated with pre-cut letters nearly 20 years ago. It’s worn frequently…so what if it’s old and torn…what’s there not to love? If you look closely at the letters, they look as new as the first day they were heat applied. The cotton T, however, couldn’t withstand the elements of washing and wearing quite the same as the durable Thermo-FILM®.

Listen to Ted’s heat printing advice, he won’t steer you wrong!

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