Do You Have a Team or Show Room?

The importance of showing your services.

by Paul Sabatini, Marketing Support

Show your customers samples of the items and services you offer.
Show your customers samples of the items and services you offer.

Being in the decorated apparel industry for nearly 20 years I wanted to share some important information with you.

As I’m sure you know, if your customers don’t see it, they won’t buy it.  A team room/show room is invaluable in showing your customers just what you can do for them. Here are some of the key ingredients to having a successful team room/show room to help boost your sales.

Have a desk and chairs in your showroom, along with a wide range of decorated apparel and accessories. Since this is the area where you will go over order details with your customer, have catalogs from the manufacturers that you deal with, order and quote forms, business cards, and a computer.

Make sure this area is not where you take the sale; it is to be the place for you and your customers to discuss and review all of the options and services you can provide. Don’t make the customer feel like they are being rushed or are an inconvenience to your sales staff.

The most important ingredient to your team room/show room is: the samples.

Display samples of any items you provide service for.  Decorate these samples with local schools, teams, and clubs.  You may want to use display hardware, such as waterfalls, grids, or ceiling hooks to enhance the area. You may also want to consider displaying non-apparel products such as wall graphics, custom stickers, helmet decals, bumper stickers, and window decals as possible add-on items to go along with the traditional order of uniforms.

I hope you’ve found this information helpful in showing your customers what you can do for them.

Please share any examples that have worked for you in the comment section.

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