Summer is the Time for Football Practice Gear

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Decorate Football Practice Wear
Shown here: Polyester/nylon blend T-shirt decorated with a Gold Premium Plus Team Perfect design; polyester shorts decorated with Gold Thermo-FILM.

Football season is fast approaching, and you can look to Stahls’ to help you keep teams looking good all the way from the practice field to the stadium to the stands. Our newly remodeled How to Decorate Football Uniforms page gives helpful tips and guidelines for game day uniforms, practice gear, spirit wear, and fan wear. In the lead-up to the kickoff of pre-season practices, we’ll also be featuring some tips on the blog. Today, we look at practice gear.

As August approaches, so do two-a-days. Remember that teams like to look good on the practice field, too, and decorated practice wear is a great add-on sale. Don’t limit yourself to jersey decoration; T-shirts, shorts, performance apparel, practice jerseys and more are needed for the pre-season, in-season practices, and training sessions.

For T-shirts and form-fitting, stretchable undergarments, we suggest decorating with Premium Plus™ heat transfer vinyl. Lightweight, it has excellent stretch and rebound, applies to cotton, polyester, and Lycra®/spandex, and is available in over 40 colors, including the colors of many popular universities. Cut logos and designs from CAD-CUT® Premium Plus using a vinyl cutter, or help players, coaches, and equipment managers keep garments (and players) straight with Pre-Cut or Pre-Spaced Numbers.

Stahls’ Team Perfect® pre-spaced text and graphics are a great addition to practice wear. Seen on the T-shirt in the photo above, Team Perfect allows you to select straight or arched text, a graphic, and a number.

To personalize polyester athletic shorts, as well as equipment bags, try Thermo-FILM®. It inhibits bleed-through and dye migration, and is resistant to abrasion, which is sure to keep bags looking good even after being carted to school, practice, home, and back again.

While equipment bags get plenty of rough handling, it’s nothing compared to what a practice jersey goes through. Daily use, plenty of washing, and tons of contact make it necessary to decorate with a material that can go the distance. Extremely durable with excellent opacity, Heat Applied Vinyl works great on porthole mesh practice jerseys, whether you’re cutting it yourself or using pre-cuts.

It may just be training camp and practice, but players want to show their team pride and look as good as they do during games. Help them achieve that goal with Stahls’ products.

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