Are You Ready For Back to School?

It’s time to start thinking about fall sports and team uniform decoration, are you ready?

By Paul Sabatini

Ballpark Letters and Numbers
Ballpark Letters & Numbers

Stock up now on pre-cut letters and numbers for your team uniforms or save a screen and try a team perfect designs.

School will be starting sooner than you think and your requests for personalizing garments and jerseys will start to flow in.  Be ready to heat apply onto any garment and stock up on your local school colors with pre-cut letters and numbers.   The popular fonts and materials available are great for decorating sweatshirts, T-shirts, jackets, and team uniforms.

You can also decorate the front of hoodies, team pullovers, and pant legs with our Team Perfect™.  The design will come to you pre-spaced on a Mylar carrier.  Simply take the design and heat apply it to the garment.  You also have the option to include letters or numbers within the chosen graphic.

Helpful selling tip:  Personalize a variety of samples of various garments and display them in your store or team room.  This will generate consumer interest and will inform your customers that you can offer personalization.

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