D3: Mid-Day Report

Lunch hour is now over, and I have survived my initiation by fire. Yes, your humble correspondent was pressed into action taking and processing orders. Folks were lined up waiting to buy CAD-CUT® materials, screen printed transfers, rhinestones, accessories, and more (including heat presses and vinyl cutters). For someone who has never taken an order at a show, it was a bit daunting. I did see what items were popular, though, and heard of some very creative uses for special effect materials.

CAD-CUT Glitter Flake heat transfer material, for example, has been a hot seller, as have all things rhinestone, from stencil material and loose stones to rhinestone transfer designs. Flexible application pads have also been very popular. It does a great job protecting heat-sensitive items, and obviously gained quite a few fans today.

Also, the Heat Press Caddie is getting rave reviews from owners as well as those experiencing Threadability™ for the first time. The final sessions of the day are about to begin….

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