Cut It Out. Literally.

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

A vinyl cutter and heat transfer material aren’t all you need to create great heat applied graphics – you also need the actual graphics. You don’t want to set up your cutter and pick a fashionable material only to realize that all you can think of to cut is a circle. While some may choose to create designs themselves, not everyone is an excellent (or even serviceable) artist, and artwork creation can be time-consuming. The good thing is that you don’t have to be Picasso to create great-looking shirts and accessories (in fact, it probably helps if you’re not – have you ever seen some of his work?).

With Stahls’ CutUps™ vector clip art you can produce a great-looking graphic for almost any occasion. This collection of artwork from Great Dane Graphics, designed for easy cutting and weeding, includes over 1200 designs divided into 13 categories. Need a logo design for a little league team? Check the “Mascots” category. A tote bag for animal lovers? Look in “Animals.” Matching outfits for a family trip to Akron? “Vacations” will have something for you.

Each design is provided in two sizes – 10″ for T-shirts, bags, etc., and 3″ for smaller application areas, such as caps or left chests on shirts. They’re also provided in both CorelDraw® and EPS formats for use with any vector PC or Mac program.

There’s even an awesome turkey design, which you can see above and find in the “Holidays” category. Seriously, could you find a better turkey to adorn a Thanksgiving shirt (or perhaps a gravy boat cozy)? He looks thankful and welcoming while casually waving his hand as if to say, “Well, hello! Enjoy eating my delicious cousin Stu!”  I want that turkey on a shirt – and so will your customers.

So, if you’re looking for a simple solution for vector art that’s easy to cut and weed, gobble up Stahls’ CutUps now (man, I really love that turkey).

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