Customized Hooded Sweatshirt with 2 Color Heat Transfer CAD-CUT® Flock

Capitalize on Fall/Winter Business by showing heat transfer flock applications with your heat press.

Last week’s Tip Jar Tutorial taught you all about the offset setting on your vinyl cutter and when you need to change it.  We mentioned specifically that you would need to adjust the offset when changing out blades to higher degree angles.  The reason to switch to a higher degree blade is to cut the material that headlines this edition of Tip Jar – CAD-CUT® Flock.

So get your 60 degree blades out, adjust your offset to .40 if you have a Roland GX-24 cutter and let’s get crazy with a two color heat applied flock application.  If you don’t have a GX-24, no worries – almost any type of cutter can cut this material.

This tutorial is jam packed with tips from none other than our newest team member, Ed Kent.  Ed brings a unique style to our team and has designed this garment from start to finish.  He reached into deep into his arsenal and brought out not one, but two heat press pillows to help with the application.  You’ll see him do a two color sleeve print and also use the pillow to make the front of the hooded sweatshirt easier to heat press.

Ed also has pulled a Tip Jar first, you’ll see it at the end of the video along with his million dollar smile:)

Before we start the video here are some fast facts about our new CAD-CUT® Flock:

  • Available in 15 colors
  • Can be layered with other colors of flock or different heat transfer films
  • Less money than 99.9% of competitors – we manufacture and sell direct
  • Does not need sewn, just cut and heat press like a normal heat transfer vinyl
  • Available in 1 yard pieces if you want to try it
  • Now available for sale on

Without further delay, here is this week’s video tutorial – Customizing a Hooded Sweatshirt using heat transfer flock.

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6 thoughts on “Customized Hooded Sweatshirt with 2 Color Heat Transfer CAD-CUT® Flock”

  1. I see a whole new opportunity for me with Cad-Cut! I do a lot of heat transfer work. What, in comparison, would be the price difference roughly selling to the customer? My problem is I get a bunch of small orders and obviously I pay more for the transfer but this could be my answer to the small jobs. Thank you!

  2. Great job Ed! I look forward to more of your videos. Thanks for leaving the “mess up” in the video…good to know that it’s not the end of the world if you start to pull off the backing too soon. I’m definitely going to have to get some CAD-CUT flock to try out!

  3. Nice Job! Mr. Kent, I saw some of the flock items at the Nashville NNEP show and forgot to get more info on it so thanks so much for the video and tips. I purchased a GCC Expert 24 from Imprintables Warehouse at the show from Zach Ellsworth, will this cutter be suitable to work with the flock and what downforce setting will I use on this cutter for flock?

  4. Ed, found the tech specs on the Stahls ID Direct site for cutter settings and application on the flock. Its great that it is available in 1 yard sizes for “testing”. I want to try a 2 color Greek letter layout like the tackle twill look we had in my college days long,long, ago.

  5. @Gary – Heat applied film costs about 1 penny per square inch + some waste, usually +20%. I recently did a time study on a 2 color, 6 piece job, pretty simple text and clip art front design. Took me 21 minutes to cut, weed and heat apply. That may give you an idea for labor costs by piece. The breaking point to go to screen printing seems to be at 24-36 pieces for most jobs.

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