Combining Heat Transfer Materials Part 2

by Paul Sabatini

Heat Transfer Material Combinations
Heat Transfer Material Combinations

I hope you were able to see my last post that highlighted combining heat transfer materials using our pre-cut letters and numbers, Custom Made Easy and Custom Cut Designs.

Today, I’d like to  go over some of the possibilities that you have in combining CAD-CUT® heat transfer materials.

Stahls’ CAD-CUT® Direct offers a variety of materials with different finishes, textures, effects, and colors.  Are you curious which product is best for your job? This handy chart helps you compare materials from opacity, to weedability, to stretchability, etc…you get the idea.

Let’s begin with some of our Special Effects CAD-CUT® materials that are sure to achieve a unique look when combining them with a standard color option.  With the current trend of having/adding more splash or vibrancy to a design, the following CAD-CUT® materials will give you many options.  Most of these can be used as a background or foreground to achieve that moment. You know the one, when people see your design with wide open eyes and exclaim, “what is that?!, I have to have it!”

Using the heat transfer films listed above in combination with others such as CAD-CUT® Thermo-FILM™ or CAD-CUT® Gorilla Grip® II will provide you with another possible sale from your customer.

Also keep this in mind,  when you’re creating and cutting a 2-color design with your vinyl cutter; use the color of the garment as another color option for your design.  Having a logo/design cut to show the garment color coming through it, adds more pop and detail to your look.

Helpful tip: Keep your scraps from your existing rolls of materials.  If a customer orders a design in standard colors create a sample for them using one of the materials listed above.  It will give them the idea of using a special effects material with their next order.

We’d like to see how you are combining our materials. Please share in the comments section. Also, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Thanks in advance!

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