Chalkboard Heat Transfer Vinyl is Here

New for 2019, CAD-CUT® Chalkboard Heat Transfer Vinyl is an exciting product that turns a garment or item into a blackboard. Standard chalk can then be used to write or draw on the design. This interactive heat transfer material is perfect for anyone looking to express themselves. Wipe the chalk away with a damp cloth and you’re ready to customize again. Get creative with Chalkboard Heat Transfer Vinyl by using it for speech bubbles or name tags. Put it on koozies and hats to encourage new slogans and clever phrases.

CAD-CUT® Chalkboard applies at low temperatures, making it great for heat-sensitive fabrics. Its thin, soft hand makes it easy to wear. In fact, it is only slightly thicker than the soft and slim Premium Plus. Use it with other materials to feature the personalization aspect of the material. Its compatibility with laser cutters and straight-forward application time (15 seconds) make it an easy material to work with.

Check out these images and get inspired to use CAD-CUT® Chalkboard to add an element of personalization to your designs:

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