Campus News: Create Custom Halloween Costumes

by Bella B., Campus Correspondent

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I have been searching the Internet looking for Halloween costume ideas for myself and came across some other great costume ideas you could make using your Hotronix® heat press.

• Napoleon Dynamite: Use a white T-shirt and heat apply red pre-cut letters. Wear with old jeans, large glasses and boots.

• Thing 1 & Thing 2: Heat Press a white circle onto a red T-shirt or onesie for a baby. After you heat apply the white circle, add black pre-cut letters and numbers. After this you will need red bottoms if you don’t already have some as well as a blue wig or blue hair coloring.

• Capes: You can create your own capes using a piece of material and heat applying a super hero logo onto it. You can also create your own logo using different colors or special effect CAD-CUT® materials.

• Bag of Money: This is a fun costume for a father and son but could also be a good couples costume. One person will dress in all black looking like a burglar while the other person dresses as a bag of money. To dress as a bag of money wear a brown dress, or brown onesie and heat press a large black dollar sign onto it. Women could heat press CAD-CUT® Gliter Flake™ Heat Transfer Material. Wear money green shirts under the dress or onesie and glue fake dollars onto your costume.

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• When life gives you lemons, make lemonade:  Wear a plain white T-shirt and heat press “Life” in your favorite font and CAD-CUT heat transfer material. Walk around with lemons and hand them out to people to see if they catch on.

• The Black-Eyed Peas: All you need is a black T-shirt and a large “P” in any white heat transfer material. Wear all black and paint one eye black.

• Mermaid Costume: With Halloween being in October and it being chilly, heat press seashells onto a long sleeve T-shirt. CAD-CUT Glitter Flake™ heat transfer material will really make the design pop.  You can complete this costume with fun, colorful jewelry and a colorful skirt either long or short.

When I was younger my siblings and I would always make our costumes instead of buying them. None of them were as creative as some of the ones I have listed, but there are plenty of fun and easy ones you can find on the Internet and create with your heat press and vinyl cutter or pre-cuts.


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