CAD-CUT HTV is Still the #1 Choice of Apparel Decorators

Decorated apparel and accessories are everywhere, from T-shirts and sweaters, to pants, bags, and more! No matter where you go, someone is wearing a shirt or item decorated with animals, fun sayings, florals, or trendy graphics—if you can think it, it’s probably printed on a garment for sale at a store near you.

Chances are you’re wondering how these clothes are decorated, and more importantly if this is something YOU can do. The answer is vinyl and YES! As a matter of fact, CAD-CUT® HTV, or heat transfer vinyl, is the easiest and most versatile way to create the trendy graphics you see everyday. So, if you already own a heat press, then you’re one step closer to creating the unique looks your customers want to wear!

Since CAD-CUT HTV is sold in rolls, you’ll need a vinyl cutter to cut your designs before heat application. But, if you don’t own a vinyl cutter, that’s ok! STAHLS’ offers Custom Cut CAD-CUT® Transfers, where you upload your design and we’ll send you a cut, weeded, and ready to apply transfer.

If your head’s not spinning yet, it’s about to be. Because we have so many choices and know there’s a ton of vinyl options out there, here’s a breakdown of some of our top recommended materials and where we think they’ll fit in your apparel decorating business.

Which CAD-CUT HTV Should I Use For…?

Decorating Everyday Fabrics

CAD-CUT UltraWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl is the perfect everyday material for popular fabrics


  • Matte finish and soft feel
  • Effortless weeding and cutting
  • Low application temperature

Adding Special Effect Finishes

Add unique, visually appealing designs to apparel and more with CAD-CUT Hologram HTV


  • Prismatic effect
  • Features a rainbow effect, image shifts as the garment moves
  • Shiny, high-gloss finish

*Now available in 6 NEW eye-catching colors: Aqua, Crystal, Multi Rainbow, Fuchsia, Gold Crystal, and Navy.

Creating Designs with Unique Dimension

CAD-CUT Soft Foam HT adds a unique, raised effect to hoodies and more

Soft Foam

  • Soft and pliable when heat applied
  • Smooth, ultra-matte finish
  • Best for standard placement and graphics

Extra Visibility in Low-Light Conditions

CAD-CUT Hi-Vis Color Reflect HTV for high visibility in low-light conditions

Hi-Vis Color Reflect

  • Premium colored reflective finish
  • Create trendy, high-end designs
  • High quality, made with 3M™ Scotchlite™ 5807 Reflective material

Hard-to-Decorate Items


  • Best choice for decorating bags and jackets
  • Semi-matte finish
  • Adheres to difficult fabrics like tightly woven and rip stop nylon, satin, or crinkle

Don’t Forget Your Marketing Kit!

Without a doubt, CAD-CUT materials are the best choice for your decorating business. STAHLS’ Marketing Kit has all the heat transfer samples you need to show customers what you’re capable of. It’s jam-packed with HTV samples, but also includes many useful tools such as an HTV Reference Guide and an Application Instructions Wall Chart.

What’s Included?

  • Ready-to-Apply CAD-CUT® Heat Transfers
  • Ready-to-Apply CAD-PRINTZ® Full Color Digital Transfer
  • Custom Transfer Pricing Brochure
  • Ready-to-Apply Letters & Numbers
STAHLS' Marketing Kit has all the heat transfer samples you need to show customers what your business is capable of


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