Break the Mother’s Day Monotony


by Christian Herominski

Personalized Gifts are Great for Mother's DayHow many times can moms force a smile when handed another bouquet of flowers for a day that celebrates the years of trials and tribulations it took to raise a family? This Mother’s Day, suggest to your customers they personalize something she can actually keep for more than a week, and that doesn’t require watering. Well, washing may be required depending on what article they end up choosing.

If they can’t come up with a unique gift, have them think about what Mom enjoys. Then have them think of items that she utilizes for these activities. Which of these items can be personalized to reflect how much they love and think about her? Here’s the key: have them assume that pretty much anything she uses can be customized. Mugs and shirts, sure, but think beyond that.

Does she use reusable bags for shopping, such as a favorite tote bag? How about a pair of gardening gloves? Does it rain a lot where she lives? Personalize an umbrella. Does mom like to run or walk? Customize a pair of shoes – easy to do with the Hotronix® shoe platen. The possibilities for personalization are endless,  from one or two-color designs cut in heat transfer material, to pre-cut and pre-spaced letters and numbers, to full color digital transfers for apparel and non-apparel. When customers realize that your custom printing services make this an effective and inexpensive gift idea, they’ll likely look you up for their next gift purchase.

To help you with all of your decorating needs, turn to the professionals at Stahls’ for guidance. With years of industry experience and expertise, our associates and staff have the knowledge you need to make moms feel truly special. Whether you’re unsure of which materials apply to which fabrics, or need a suggestion of what to print at all, we are here to help.

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