Best of 2015: Hotronix Hat Bill Platen

by Melissa Summers, Marketing

We’re taking a look back at the best of 2015, as decided by our customers. Yesterday we named the best new font of 2015: Billboard. Today we cover…

The best innovation of 2015: the Hat Bill Platen
2015 Best Innovation: Hat Bill Platen
Launched in April 2015, the Hat Bill platen allows you to heat apply graphics to the bottom of a cap bill using a Hotronix® heat press (16″ and larger). This platen was developed to keep up with the trend of putting designs on the underside of the hat bill, creating new possibilities and another product line to offer your customers in 2015 and beyond. See it in action in this video, “Customizing Hat Bills with Heat Printing.”

Honorable Mention:
Heat Printing Equipment Cart
Because it holds 600 pounds, is height adjustable and portable, it’s no wonder our Heat Printing Equipment Cart made the list in 2015.

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