Stahls' for Baseball Decoration

Baseball Decorating Season Still in Full Swing

by Christian Herominski, Marketing

Stahls' for Baseball Decoration
Thermo-FILM is designed to block dye migration on garments like this sublimated polyester jersey.

Now that the pro hockey and basketball seasons have ended, children and adults alike will be moving on to emulating their favorite baseball players for the summer. A majority of little leagues have probably decorated for the year, but that doesn’t mean the decorating season is over. Senior and adult leagues are sure to sprout up around your area, be it bar leagues or church groups, while tournament and travel teams are also gearing up for the summer. With that in mind, make sure to be ready for any late-comers in need of apparel decoration.

Stock up on Pre-Cut Letters and Numbers in Thermo-FILM® heat transfer material, designed to inhibit dye migration, and keep players’ names and numbers bright and brilliant all season long. With its abrasion-resistant durability, you can worry less about unhappy players trying to re-adhere their numbers onto each other’s backs.

These are just a few reasons why Stahls’ leads the industry in decorating sports apparel, so be sure to keep us in mind and our products on hand no matter what the season. We’ve got your back, so you can keep your customers’ backs looking great.

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