Appliqué for Embroidery – Part 2 Specialty Fashion Materials

by  Peggy Elliott

Boxercraft Custom Made Easy
Custom Made Easy with Boxercraft® materials

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed sewing Applique using Poly-TWILL™. Today, I want to tell you about some other materials that you can use to add a little more flair to your design. Metallic Silver & Gold Applique, Boxercraft® materials, Glacier Twill, and Felt can be used to make your apparel stand out from the crowd.  Made of Silver and Gold threads, Metallic Appliqué Fabric adds a high-end sheen.

If you’re looking to add an element of texture to your design it’s worth looking into Glacier Twill, which has more of a zig-zag pattern. There is also Wool Felt which has been used for years and is a traditional favorite. This natural fabric becomes softer with each wash and has a vintage appearance making it a classic choice for appliqué. Are you decorating apparel for schools? Increase your sales by offering Boxercraft®. These popular plaids will be a hit with students of all ages.

When it comes to sewing your design, zig-zag and satin stitch are traditional twill stitch styles and are always popular, however, other styles are available. Pair these specialty fashion materials with a different stitch like the rope or diamond style available with embroidery express sew disk.

Marketing Tip: Stahls’ ID Direct™ offers color swatches of all their materials. Order them and put them on display in your store to show your customers the services you can offer.

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