Apparel Decorating Business Survival Guide, Part 3

Thanks for joining us again as we uncover the 4 most important tips for surviving these unprecedented times. If this is your first time joining, head over to Part 1 and Part 2 to catch up.

Here’s a link to download the full Apparel Decorating Business Survival Guide.

As always, take a seat, take a breath, and take out your notebook to plan your business’s survival.


This thing is difficult. The most difficult business circumstance that I’ve faced in my life. There is no perfect playbook, and we’re all trying to make it together. I’d encourage you to seek advice and share your perspective with other decorators during this time. There are hundreds of business groups on Facebook with great discussion and ideas. Our group is called Heat Press for Profit. The group has conversation threads right now on this topic and is a safe space to be able to ask a question or share an idea with fellow entrepreneurs in the industry. I’d encourage you to join the conversation in the virtual world while we wait for our favorite events to open back up.

Additionally, we’re hosting live events on Facebook during this time at 11am EST on weekdays called “Making it Together.” These events are for those who wish to use this time to plan for the future.

Making it Together – Live Educational Events

With everything going on in the world, a lot of you are feeling immense pressure and anxiety, all of us here included. We’re making a choice to use this time to plan for our future and support you in doing the same. Join us in our “Making it Together” live educational events throughout the months of March and April where our educational experts will be teaching you what they know about heat transfers including projects, pricing, sales tips, and more!

Spend this time:
Strengthening your knowledge on the basics of heat printing
Seeing some of our favorite projects and learning how to make them
Gaining insight into cost, pricing, sales, and marketing techniques
Getting live answers to some of your biggest questions

Let’s make it through this together and come out of this trying time stronger as an industry.

Check out all the events happening with STAHLS’.

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