Finally! Air FUSION Heat Press Available Online

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Back in March, Stahls’ introduced heat printing’s heavy hitter – the Hotronix® Air FUSION heat press. With all the features of the FUSION® heat press (and then some) and powered by compressed air, this machine stands alone in its class. The Air FUSION boasts the latest in heat printing technology, with features like an enhanced touch screen controller and the new Auto Adjust Pressure™ which automatically adjusts pressures according to your settings. All this, plus it created a new term: threadability.

The Air FUSION features a fully threadable™ lower platen, meaning that you can print on the front side and the back side of the same garment without having to remove it and re-dress the platen. All you have to do is rotate the garment from front to back around the platen. This impressive feature saves time and aggravation (thereby saving you money).

So in the past few months you’ve heard all the talk about pressure adjustment, Threadability™, durability, multiple settings, etc. but have been waiting for the time to come when you could get your hands on one? This is it. Now. Currently. You get the idea. The Air FUSION can now be ordered online. You now have your chance to use the latest and greatest in heat printing technology. Visit the Air FUSION heat press page, be amazed even further by its awesomeness, and order your own.

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