Add Sparkle to Designs with HotFix Rhinestones

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Bling bling! Bling bling!

Who is it?

Rhinestones, and we need attention, too!

I’d love to argue, but they have a point. We haven’t mentioned rhinestones on these (web) pages in a while. They’re still a hot fashion trend, and always attract attention (even when they aren’t asking for it), so, Rhinestones, here’s some love.

HotFix Rhinestones & Rhinestone Transfers from Stahls'Rhinestones aren’t just for cowboys, Elvis, and Liberace anymore. You can create sparkling, glittery designs for girls’ fashion and spirit wear with Rhinestones, edgier, more modern fashion looks for men with Rhinestuds, and cool, bright designs and accents with Neon Nailheads.

Safe and high-quality, all three varieties are Korean-made and are CPSIA-certified.

Our HotFix Rhinestones have low lead content and are available in a variety of colors in four sizes and in packages up to 50 gross. And I need not tell you that they sparkle.

HotFix Rhinestuds are lead-free faceted metal and provide a unique shine in fashion designs. Meanwhile, our bright neon HotFix Nailheads have a smooth, rounded surface. Both are great for adding accents to heat transfer material and screen printed transfer designs, or for use on their own.

Designs can be made by cutting stencil material with your vinyl cutter, brushing the rhinestones (or studs, or nailheads) into place, and using transfer tape to remove the design from the stencil and transport it to your heat press. All of the supplies you’ll need, from tweezers to stencil material, to squeegees, can be found on Stahls’ Rhinestone Accessories page.

Of course, if you’re not ready to create your own rhinestone designs, we also have a selection of Rhinestone Transfer Designs. Choose from alphabet sets, hearts, skulls, and more, then apply easily with your heat press.

So, whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or prefer the ease and convenience of rhinestone transfers, turn to Stahls’ for the supplies you need for this fashionable trend.

Thanks! Sparkle on!

You’re welcome, Rhinestones.


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