Add Some Flair with Hologram Designs and Pre-Cuts

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

A tiger design in Hologrrrrram, er, CAD-CUT® Hologram.

Somewhere over the rainbow, not only do bluebirds fly, but customers smile. Of course, I’m not only talking about the colorful arcs caused by water in the atmosphere, but also the shimmering rainbow effect of Hologram heat transfer material.

This special effect material features a shiny prism-like finish, creating a unique blend of visual effects each time it is moved. It’s great for creating eye-catching fashion wear, adding a little pizzazz to your designs, and as a unique personalization option.

The good news is that whatever equipment you have, you can spruce up designs with Hologram.  If you own a vinyl cutter, you can cut Stahls’ CAD-CUT® Hologram heat transfer material to create your own custom designs.  No cutter? No problem!  You can also order Hologram in a custom cut design.

If you’re looking to add text or numbers, Hologram is also available in Pre-Cut Letters and Numbers. Order a kit and refill packs to keep in stock for walk-in orders, or calculate how many of each letter you’ll need with our Heat Printing Character Calculator, then simply apply with a heat press.

For pre-aligned Hologram text and numbers, select one of our Pre-Spaced offerings, or create a cool text design using one of our Any Word. Any Way.™ custom lettering templates.

So, you see, with Hologram there are many options that will enable your customers to fly beyond the rainbow like happy little bluebirds fly.



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