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5 Reasons to Own a Professional Vinyl Cutter

Apparel decorators know the value of owning one key piece of equipment. With only a heat press, you can create a variety of looks in multiple finishes for any customer or market. But why stop there? You can boost your business by adding one more piece of equipment—a professional vinyl cutter.

A vinyl cutter will take your apparel decoration to the next level! You can say yes to more orders, increase sales, and reach new markets. Are you ready to find out how? Check out the top five reasons upgrading to a professional vinyl cutter will benefit your business.

#1 Speed

By upgrading to a vinyl cutter, you can provide faster turnaround times, cut transfers in-house for quicker service, or even offer same-day orders. A professional cutter will continuously cut rolls of material for speedier production, meaning you can load and go without stopping to replace sheets. Taking more orders will increase your sales and lead to higher profits.

#2 Size

Professional vinyl cutters typically feature a 24” cutting area, which is about twice the size of a craft cutter. You can send multiple nested images in one cut job to increase order output and boost your overall production. Combined with speed, the size of your vinyl cutter can significantly impact your sales and ability to expand your business.

#3 Precision

Professional vinyl cutters offer consistent production. Increase efficiency with finely detailed and smooth cuts, and experience easier weeding with the ability to produce more intricate designs. You can also cut a wider variety of materials with accuracy, such as twill or thicker heat transfer vinyl.

#4 Software

A professional vinyl cutter comes with upgraded cutting software. The advanced software allows you to accept varying types of art files from your customers and gives you the ability to cut right away without any format conversion.

#5 Money Saver

With a larger maximum cutting area, you can order rolls of material instead of sheets. You’ll save money ordering by the yard instead of 12” sheets, and you’ll have less waste since you can cut the entire width of a roll. Also, cutting designs in-house costs less than ordering custom transfers and increases your profit on each order.

For more insight and details on the benefits of a professional cutter, check out our post on how to increase profits with a vinyl cutter.

We offer vinyl cutter packages bundled with popular CAD-CUT® HTV and accessories to help you get started.

Ready to learn more? Watch this video to see more ways a professional vinyl cutter can benefit your business!

Have you already upgraded to a professional vinyl cutter and need some help getting started? No worries! STAHLS’ expert Jenna has you covered in this Beginner’s Guide to Vinyl Cutters and HTV video.

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