Close up images of 3D Embroidery emblems

3D Hat Embroidery with a Heat Press Machine

There is no debate that embroidered looks & dimensional products are some of the most popular trends with hats. 3D hat embroidery is achievable with a heat press machine in 60 seconds. Next, you will learn how to get these 3D looks with the Hotronix® 360 IQ Hat Heat Press.

Hat being loaded into the heat press machine

Step #1

Load the hat into the Hotronix® 360 IQ Hat Heat Press and if applicable, pull the sweat band out. Pull the hold down device lever to ensure the hat is secure and positioned correctly.

3D embroidery emblem being positioned on the hat

Step #2

Take your 3D embroidered emblem, which already has heat activated adhesive on the back, and position it on the hat.

Foam Cover Pad is used to cover the emblem, to ensure there is no scorching.

Step #3

Choose the correct Foam Cover Pad to cover your emblem. There are various thicknesses that are included with your heat press. You will want to match the thickness of your emblem with the thickness of the Foam Cover Pad.

Completed hat is shown after 60 second application time

Step #4

Now you’re ready to heat apply! Set the hat press to 280 degrees with top heat, and 320 degrees with bottom heat. Your hat is ready in 60 seconds! You’ve successfully created 3D hat embroidery with only a heat press machine.

To watch a recap of these four steps, check out this video:

In addition to the video, check out another blog post that talks more about the Hotronix® 360 IQ Hat Heat Press. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know and see what other customers are saying about it!

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4 thoughts on “3D Hat Embroidery with a Heat Press Machine”

  1. Frustration is growing over not being able to get the hat press. I call and get a new date every time. When can I expect to get a call? I am on the waiting list.

  2. Hi Susan! Since the older Hotronix and MAXX hat presses have heat coming from the top platen only, you need to verify that the hat can handle the heat application settings. Most likely cotton/twill unstructured caps will be the best chance at success. I would definitely test, first!

  3. Hi Lynn! I am sorry for the frustration with the waiting list. I sent your information over to our customer service team so that they can give you the correct status information with your press.

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