30 Minutes a Day For 28 Days. Will you take the challenge?

What have you done for your business lately?

by Danielle Petroskey

What do you do to market your business? Do you do it daily? Or just when business is slow and you’re desperate?

I am challenging you to take 30 minutes a day for 28 days to market your business.

Make it a habit. Start today.

[hab-it]–noun. Definition: an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.

Here are more than a few ideas to get you started:

  • Write a thank-you note to a client. Not an e-mail. Write it and mail it. Make it personal. Show them that you really do appreciate their business.
  • Make an appointment with that school or corporate office you’ve been meaning to contact.
  • Sign up or attend a networking event.
  • Follow-up with the people you met at that networking event.
  • Email a promotion to your clients.
  • Write a blog post.

All of these ideas will take 30 minutes or less and can make a huge difference in your business. The contacts you make today will push your business forward tomorrow.

What are some other ideas you can think of to market your business in 30 minutes daily?

I’ve heard it takes 30 days to form a habit. I have faith that you’ll get it done in 28! <smile>

If you’re joining this challenge, please say so in the comment section.

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7 thoughts on “30 Minutes a Day For 28 Days. Will you take the challenge?”

  1. I’m in. I’ve been trying to get better at this. And just recently created a facebook page.

  2. Day 6, doing a little something each day. I think it might help to write down what I am doing so I can look back and see what would be good to repeat and see what I am leaving out.

  3. Thanks for checking in Tim. I agree, writing down your efforts will help you to see what was successful and what to tweak. What “little somethings” are you doing each day?

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