Top 10 Products & Services for 2018

2018 has been a huge year for STAHLS‘. From the expansion of the CAD-CUT® offerings to innovations from Hotronix®, STAHLS’ is constantly working to expand the world of heat print technology. The developments the company has made this year will impact the industry for years to come. There’s no stopping soon, with 2019 around the bend, STAHLS’ looks to continue pushing the envelope.

As we get ready to step into the new year, let’s look at 10 innovative products and services from STAHLS’ that debuted in 2018.

1.  The Hotronix® Fusion IQ

It’s hard to believe that STAHLS’ most popular heat press was introduced just this year. With a bright, large touchscreen, on-screen troubleshooting help, and the ability to collect data on heat press usage, the Hotronix® Fusion IQ is truly the smartest heat press available.

Visit the Hotronix® Fusion IQ product page to learn more.

Watch this video to get all the details on the Hotronix® Fusion IQ™.

2.  CAD-CUT® Metallic

This new material adds a soft, foil-like finish to your design. Use CAD-CUT® Metallic heat transfer vinyl to add a higher perceived value and some shine to your design. CAD-CUT® Metallic is the easiest way to get the look of foil in one simple step.

Visit the CAD-CUT® Metallic product page to learn more.

Download the CAD-CUT® Metallic At-a-Glance for more information and inspiration.

3. FlexStyle® by STAHLS’ Custom Emblems

FlexStyle® by STAHLS’ Custom Emblems brings your logos and designs to the forefront, with highly stylized 3D embellishment. The FlexStyle® line offers 3 different options to decorate your garments and items. Available in two adhesive options: heat applied for application to garments and pressure-sensitive for hard goods.

Visit the FlexStyle® product page to learn more.

Download the FlexStyle® Emblems At-a-Glance for more information on this unique product.

4. New & Improved CAD-CUT® Premium Plus

For 2018 STAHLS’ revamped the popular CAD-CUT® Premium Plus™ heat transfer vinyl by adding new available colors and the option to choose between a high or low tack carrier. With its low-temperature application and ability to flex and stretch, CAD-CUT® Premium Plus is the perfect choice for decorating garments made of polyester, cotton, and Lycra/Spandex blends.

Visit the CAD-CUT® Premium Plus product page to learn more.

Download the CAD-CUT® Premium Plus At-a-Glance for more information and inspiration.

Watch the CAD-CUT® Premium Plus video to learn more:

5.  Hotronix® Power Platen

STAHLS’ Hotronix® never stops innovating. In 2018, they introduced the game-changing Power Platen heat press accessory. These interchangeable platens allow you to heat your garment from the bottom, dialing in the right temperature on the controller. With heat coming from both sides of the garment, you can press at a lower temperature on the outer facing fabric and eliminate the dreaded scorch box.

Watch the Power Platen product overview video to learn more.

6.  Custom Artwork Uploader

This year STAHLS’ updated and streamlined the custom artwork uploading process. With the new Custom Artwork Uploader, the process of ordering Custom Logos and other custom art is now fully online. You just need to upload the art, STAHLS’ will supply a proof, and you can place an order as soon as your approve the design. Your artwork is saved on My Artwork Dashboard for fast and easy reorders.

Visit the Custom Artwork Uploader page for more information.

Read this STAHLS’ Blog post to learn more about the Custom Artwork Uploader.

7.  CAD-CUT® Permanent P.S. Sign Vinyl

Now you can have the quality of CAD-CUT® in the form of Permanent P.S. Sign Vinyl. Expand your business by using your vinyl cutter to create decals, banners, and signs. These products make great add on sales for add on profit. Available in over 30 colors, this vinyl is recommended for general purpose permanent application.

Visit the CAD-CUT® Permanent P.S. Sign Vinyl product page to learn more.

8.  CAD-CUT® Hi-Vis Color Reflect

With the growing trend of using reflective to accent performance wear, this year STAHLS’ introduced CAD-CUT® Hi-Vis Color Reflect. Available in 9 different colors, Hi-Vis Color Reflect is perfect for adding a colorful reflective element to active wear. Keep your customers safe and stylish with CAD-CUT® Hi-Vis Color Reflect

Visit the CAD-CUT® Hi-Vis Color Reflect product page to learn more.

Download the Reflective At-A-Glance PDF for a complete overview of STAHLS’ reflective products.

9.  Patterns Enhancements

While CAD-CUT® Patterns from STAHLS’ are not new, the sheer number of new patterns added in 2018 means they make the list. With new patterns available from Realtree®, Spectra®, and the STAHLS’ Creative Studio Collection, there are more options for decorating with CAD-CUT® Patterns than ever. These patterns can be printed on CAD-COLOR® Express Print, CAD-COLOR® Glitter, or ORAJET® 3164 Sign Vinyl.

Visit the CAD-CUT® Patterns product page to see and start customizing patterns.

Download the CAD-CUT® Patterns At-A-Glance PDF to learn more.

10.  CAD-COLOR® Glitter

Finally, this year STAHLS’ introduced CAD-COLOR® Glitter Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl. CAD-COLOR® Glitter vinyl can be printed on with any solvent or eco-solvent printer, creating a glimmering look that sells. With long-lasting glitter that stays put on the garment, it’s ideal for decorating fashion, cheer, and fan wear.

Visit the CAD-CUT® Glitter product page to learn more.

Watch this video on how to use CAD-COLOR® Glitter to get a look that catches your customer’s eye:

Staying ahead of the competition is key. That’s why STAHLS’ not only shares tips and tricks in our blog, we connect with our customers by providing in-depth videos showing you how to grow your business. Whether tricks of the trade, application how-to’s, or providing insight on the hottest trends, you’ll find our video library invaluable. For example, check out the most viewed video for 2018.

As every year passes, the garment decorating industry changes. STAHLS’ stays rooted in tradition and quality, while looking toward the future. What new products and services did you love this year? Were there any products or services that you felt could be improved? The company is looking forward to the new products and services that 2019 will bring.


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