• Interview with Dane Clement of Great Dane Graphics

    The Art of Stock Art – Interview with Dane Clement

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    New U.S. Army Officially Licensed Transfers

  • Decorate Football Practice Gear

    Decorate Football Practice Gear

Breaking the Rules of Printing Headwear

Heat Printing Hats

  Apply graphics on virtually any location of a hat with heat printing! All you need is a Shirt or Cap Heat Press and the right platen. Baseball hat decoration has come a long way in the past 10 years. Gone are the days of only letters & numbers on the front. Not only are… read more

September 22, 2015  

5 Ways to Decorate with Vertical Text

Decorate with Pre-Spaced Vertical Text

  by Bella B., Campus Correspondent One product Stahls’ offers, that I believe doesn’t get enough praise, is Pre-Spaced Vertical Text. Here are 5 quick, simple ways to use this product. 1. A popular use is having vertical text lined down the back of a billboard shirt. This look is unique, simple, and very cool… read more

September 18, 2015  

Shatter the Decorating Mold

Number Style of the Week: Shatter

  While number styles like Pro Block and Varsity are tried-and-true for jersey personalization, some customers may want to break with tradition and give their jerseys a sharp, edgy look. Help them break free from the old boundaries of jersey decoration and cut a new path with the Number Style of the Week: Shatter. Available… read more

September 17, 2015