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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day

Product shown: Stahls' Canada Custom Vintage Patches

  Happy Canada Day to all of our Canadian customers, friends, and employees!

July 1, 2015  

An Ode to Bleach

Number Style of the Week: Bleach

  It makes things whiter than white And did you know it gives flowers a longer life? Killing germs, removing stains It relieves all sorts of household pains But here’s a new use – giving uniforms a look that’s unique, Bleach is the Number Style of the Week! Try it today in Pre-Spaced Numbers.

June 25, 2015  

Baseball Decorating Season Still in Full Swing


Thermo-FILM is designed to block dye migration on garments like this sublimated polyester jersey.

by Christian Herominski, Marketing Now that the pro hockey and basketball seasons have ended, children and adults alike will be moving on to emulating their favorite baseball players for the summer. A majority of little leagues have probably decorated for the year, but that doesn’t mean the decorating season is over. Senior and adult leagues… read more

June 24, 2015