Weeding Vinyl Designs Faster, Save time and money with this TIP JAR

Weed Heat Transfer Vinyl Faster

Do you ever wish that you could speed up the weeding process when using heat transfer vinyl or sign vinyl?

If you’re like me, you’ve walked the floor of every trade show, wondering when they will invent an automatic weeding machine or possibly a robot side kick that is the world’s fastest weeder.

I do know some ultra fast weeders (like our IN/MI GSSA Rep Yolanda Merrill), and I know some slow ones:)  Regardless of whether you’re fast or slow, the time in weeding is the most labor intensive process in completing a garment with heat applied film.  Since cost of labor is one component that goes into finished cost it’s important to hone your skills and drive down the time it take to weed designs.  In this edition of Tip Jar we’ll share a couple of tips that have worked for us….

Before watching, please note that one of the most important tools to have when weeding is a Stahls’ EZ Weeder® (a dental pick like tool that you’ll see in the video).  Some find success substituting an exacto knife or tweezers, but I’ve always found a weeding tool to be more efficient once the technique in using it is mastered.

Anyways, good luck with weeding!  And please share your techniques or thoughts in the comments section…

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5 thoughts on “Weeding Vinyl Designs Faster, Save time and money with this TIP JAR”

  1. Wow! After seeing you demonstrate both ways of weeding it’s so clear how weeding properly is a time, and headache, saver! You can be sure that I will be paying a lot more attention to how I am weeding a design from now on. Thanks for another great Tip Jar vid, Josh!

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