NOBULL Takes NFL Combine Apparel to the MAX

There’s a buzz in the world of athletic apparel! NOBULL, the official on-field supplier of the NFL, has partnered with STAHLS’ for the 2024 NFL Combine.

In 2022, NOBULL became the “Official Training Partner of the NFL,” solidifying their brand as a leading provider of the highest-level athletic apparel. As the official supplier for the 2024 NFL Combine, NOBULL has teamed up with STAHLS’ to maximize both the performance and style for this year’s event.

NOBULL has chosen UltraColor MAX™ DTF transfers for all athlete and staff apparel, with STAHLS’ reps working hard to get ready for the event. Not only is STAHLS’ working behind the scenes to prep apparel, we’re also on-site all week to make any size changes or name and number adjustments for on-field athletes.

STAHLS’ Stats at the 2024 NFL Combine

STAHLS’ has been busy prepping for the event. Check out the total numbers of athlete items that have been decorated this year with UltraColor MAX™ DTF transfers!

  • 321 Athletes
  • 15 Decorated Items Each = 4,815 Items for Apparel Kits
  • 4 Accessories Per Athlete = 1,284
  • Grand Total of 6,099 Units for Athletes

Watch MAX Being Prepped for the NFL Combine!

Check out the video below for exclusive sneak peak footage of UltraColor MAX™ on the 2024 NFL Combine athlete apparel, and an exciting new feature in the Easy View® Online Designer that will allow decorators to elevate their apparel to the MAX!

The MAX Advantage

STAHLS’ UltraColor™ MAX DTF transfers are the choice of the pros because they offer unparalleled speed, simplicity, and durability. UCM is the MVP of heat transfer technology with a single-step, low-temperature application that’s safe for performance wear. These transfers also provide a lightweight, stretchable, and long-lasting solution for personalization on and off the field, making them a top choice for high-quality athletic apparel.

MAX Out Your Custom Apparel

You can order a free sample and try the MAX advantage for yourself! See why these DTF transfers are being used for every combine athlete. The fast application and soft, flexible finish is perfect for performance wear. UltraColor MAX™ also lets team decorators tap into more markets like fashion, corporate, athleisure, and more! They feature lab-tested washability for 50+ washes, so you can count on them to last long after you complete your order.

The Choice of Future Stars

UltraColor MAX™ is the future of fully customized apparel. It’s breathable, stretchable, and tough enough for jerseys of all levels, from little leagues to the pros. It’s also easy to price, order, and apply these transfers, so decorators of any skill level have a reliable solution for their business.

It gets even better. Check out the STAHLS’ Easy View Online Designer for completely free access to 10,000+ pieces of clipart, 7,000+ customizable layouts, and 200+ fonts. There’s no graphic design skills needed! You can effortlessly design and order UltraColor MAX™ transfers for any client in minutes. And with the ALL-NEW Team Builder within Easy View, you can quickly personalize full rosters in only a few clicks!

Apparel decorators of any level can capitalize on the power of quality DTF transfers. With STAHLS’, you can achieve the same professional finish that’s chosen by the NFL to represent their future superstars. View the official STAHLS’ press release announcement below and stay tuned for more exciting news, partnerships, and innovation.

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