Save Big with Stahls’ Trade Discount

For the month of August, we are highlighting ways you save by being a Stahls’ customer. One of these ways is through the Stahls’ Trade Discount program.

We appreciate the loyalty of our customers. You are the reason for our success. In today’s market we understand that you have choices for who you do business with.

We offer the Stahls’ Trade Discount to show our appreciation to you. Our trade discount rewards you for regular purchases by taking a percentage off the cost of your order. Once a base trade discount level is earned, it’s good for 12 months. Your account will be reviewed quarterly to see if you are eligible for an even higher trade discount percentage.

There is no need to apply. If you have a Stahls’ account number, you’re already enrolled. Your trade discount is automatically applied at checkout.

If you are part of a buying group in the United States, you may be eligible to receive a Stahls’ Trade Discount through your group. Please check with your buying group to determine eligibility.

Here is a helpful chart to show you our trade discount tiers:

3% $1,500-4,999
4% $5,000-9,999
5% $10,000-19,999
6% $20,000 or higher

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