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    Get Into the Game with Team Sets

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    5 Ways to Print T-Shirts with a Heat Press

    5 Ways to Print T-Shirts with a Heat Press

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    Heat Printing Hats

    Heat Printing Hats

Top 5 Products from ISS Long Beach

Exhibiting at the tradeshow with so many solutions for our customers was a refreshing way to kick off the new year. Stahls’ was able to bring groundbreaking heat press innovations from Hotronix® and game-changing solutions for athletic apparel that we hoped would excite our old (and hopefully new) customers at the ISS Long Beach show.

We are happy to report that the feedback was positive and everyone is excited to put these innovations and technologies to work in their shops.

Take a look at this amazing footage from the show, and then read below to see the top five solutions that had people cheering:

Hotronix® Heated Lower Platen & FUSION IQ

There were many existing customers looking to upgrade their current equipment, and new customers looking to start out with a heat press from Stahls’.

Hotronix® made huge improvements to their FUSION® line of heat presses and debuted the FUSION IQ — the most technologically advanced presses on the market. The customers were impressed, and the ability to track machine and operator performance made purchasing a no-brainer for those just starting out or looking to expand their business.

With the growing popularity of performance wear in the sports apparel, loungewear, and fanwear markets, scorching continues to be a growing challenge for decorators. We were proud to tell customers that we had a solution to eliminate scorching on heat-sensitive fabrics- the Hotronix® Heated Lower Platen.

Pre-Aligned SimStitch®

Pre-Aligned SimStitch® was a huge advancement made to one of our already popular products- SimStitch®. Customers were excited to learn that not only could they still get the look of appliqué with only their heat press, it now comes pre-aligned to save them time and increase productivity.

CAD-PRINTZ® Perma-TWILL® was another material that turned heads. Customers can decorate almost any fabric with full-color custom digital transfers. Attendees looking for twill options that did not require an embroidery machine were impressed since they weren’t quite ready to take the leap into purchasing a new piece of equipment.

AquaTru Dye-Block & Silicone Dye-Block

Dye migration is a common problem sports uniform decorators face, and attendees were thrilled to learn that Stahls’ had the solution to eliminate it for good- AquaTru Dye-Block. Customers can feel confident that they can decorate the most dye saturated, stretchy, and heat-sensitive garments and get a professional result every time.

Sports dealers also stopped in to get a first-hand look at Silicone Dye-Block. They were interested to learn that they can get the same dye-blocking power of silicone without having to burn screens or use messy inks.

Reflective II

Attendees looking to add reflective finishes to their backpacks, jackets, and more were intrigued by the unique, special effect properties of Reflective II.  They were impressed by the brightness and quality of the product and were happy to learn it could be used to decorate lightweight, heat-sensitive fabrics.

SparkleBerry Glitter Patterns

Sparkle is in, and customers can’t get enough. Stahls’ debuted CAD-CUT® Patterns printed on glitter heat transfer vinyl during the show, and our customer’s eyes lit up. Not only can they purchase exclusive SparkleBerry patterns printed in full glitter, they can also purchase rolls and use their eco-solvent printer to create bling designs of their own.

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