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    Get Into the Game with Team Sets

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    5 Ways to Print T-Shirts with a Heat Press

    5 Ways to Print T-Shirts with a Heat Press

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Top 10 Patterns From Sparkleberry

We announced the new SparkleBerry collaboration a few weeks ago. Since that time the collection’s been getting a lot of attention around the web, including our Heat Press For Profit Facebook Group. We asked Mandy to share the top 10 patterns in the collection to help you narrow in on what to choose next. Download the PDF or shop for patterns now.

Washed Petals – This purple pattern is part of the Watercolor category. The soft purples and blues look great in lots of fashion looks.

Black and Blush – This graphic pattern is part of the Stripes category. Bold black and white stripes with pretty colored flowers make this pattern right for endless applications.

Christmas Plaid – Part of the Fabric Designs and Holidays category, this plaid screams holiday cheer.

Fiesta Paisley – This paisley pattern in the navy colorway is part of the Fabric Designs category. It’s playful and fun for all kinds of apparel and other decorated items.

Buffalo Plaid – Bold buffalo plaid is trendy and perfect for cozy sweatshirts. The red and black colorway is classic.

Featherly – Resembling peacock feathers, Featherly in the teal colorway is a cheerful way to add color to any project.

Cheetah – Part of the Animal Prints category, Cheetah always adds a touch of excitement to any project.

Buffalo Plaid – Like the red and black Buffalo Plaid pattern, this orange colorway is also highly sought after by customers.

Lovers Rain – Another popular pick from the Watercolor category, this pattern in the Night colorway is a vivid and eye catching design.

Mermaid Scales – Soft pastels and a popular quatrefoil shape make this perfect for dance wear and other fashion garments. It’s part of the Fantasy Category, and it’s not hard to see why, it’s dreamy.

Download the Top 10 SparkleBerry Patterns from Stahls’

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