Tip Jar: Introducing New CAD-CUT® Premium Plus

by Courtney Matlick, CAD-CUT® Direct

In today’s marketplace, it is more important than ever to give customers a quality product at a low price.  With the internet and use of Smartphones, it takes minutes for a consumer to search and find the lowest price for an item. (Personally, I am a big fan of Google, so anytime I am online shopping I bring up the search engine to make sure my purchase is the best deal I can get.)

In this week’s Tip Jar, we bring to you the newest  in our heat transfer material line up- CAD-CUT® Premium Plus. We’ve designed this material to help apparel decorators like yourself give your customers the custom look they want without having to charge a fortune for it. With Premium Plus, you can be more competitive than ever and still make a nice profit. The look and feel is a super soft, matte finish and the fast, easy application will save you time in production. It’s also direct from the manufacturer so you won’t have to search to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Check out this video and let us know how Premium Plus stacks up!

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2 thoughts on “Tip Jar: Introducing New CAD-CUT® Premium Plus”

  1. Is the Premium Plus not offered yet?
    I recieved a sample print in the mail and wanted to give it a try.

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