The Premium Look of Embroidery in No Time

By now you’re probably familiar with SimStitch® Letters & Numbers—authentic twill material with a simulated zig-zag stitch applied with only a heat press. This material allows you to offer the premium look of embroidery at a significant cost savings and without having to invest in additional embroidery equipment.

We know how troublesome laying out individual letters and numbers can be when using Pre-Cuts in any material. The time it takes to sort through your inventory, coupled with aligning and taping the pieces, can leave room for error and movement when heat applying.

If you’re looking for a more production-friendly option, you’ll be excited for our new Pre-Spaced SimStitch® Text and Pre-Spaced SimStitch® Numbers. You can now offer the high-end look of embroidery without the hassle of hand placing pieces. Each text and number arrives on a carrier for one step positioning and provides precise placement and application every time. Best of all, they’re available in more font options—Athletic Script, Home Run, Galaxy, and Highlight—and you can upload entire rosters and order by the piece, leaving no extra inventory. It’s the same professional look and material your customers trust, just made easier.

The time-saving value of Pre-Spaced SimStitch® Text & Numbers compared to SimStitch® Pre-Cut Letters & Numbers is clear.

SimStitch® Letters & Numbers Pre-Spaced SimStitch® Pre-Cut Text & Numbers
48.15 Seconds 13.76 Seconds

That’s over a 70% savings in time!

By offering new Pre-Spaced SimStitch® Text & Numbers, you’re not only providing your customers with an affordable alternative to embroidery, but you’re able to turn out more completed garments in less time, equating to a higher profit for your bottom line.

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