Spring Sales Bloom with CAD-PRINTZ Text Effects

by Cara Cherry, Public Relations

Spring is right around the corner. Or at least that’s what the calendar says. In Michigan, it’s hard to believe since we’re still dealing with 30 degree temperatures. I know it is coming though since I’ve started seeing soccer teams outside practicing and my nephew’s little league team started last weekend.

Things I love about spring – warmer weather, flowers, and T-shirts! That’s right. It’s time to put away the heavy sweaters and break out the short sleeves. Why not get creative and spice up your offering with CAD-PRINTZ™ full color digital Text and Number Effects?

They come in a range of exciting fills and patterns. Whether you want tie dye, polka dots or plaids you can offer your customers personalized products featuring their favorite team, school, name, or word. The CAD-PRINTZ ordering wizard makes it quick and easy to create a design and place an order.  Watch onscreen as you bring your designs to life!

Sales Tip: Create some fun samples for your shop featuring current news topics or slang phrases. Tiger Blood from the recent Charlie Sheen repertoire or how about Spaghetti Taco from iCarly?

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