2018 Technology and Solutions for Uniform Decoration

At Stahls’ we strive to give you solutions to all the challenges you face as a garment and uniform decorator. In 2018 we’re excited to announce three new products and services that do just that.

Challenge #1: Dye Migration

Stahls’ is excited to announce CAD-CUT® Silicone Dye-Block®, the industry’s first silicone-based, vinyl cuttable solution to dye migration on sublimated and dyed polyester garments. With excellent stretch and rebound plus a low application temperature, Silicone Dye-Block is perfect for even the most delicate synthetic garments.

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Hotronix Lower Heated PlatenChallenge #2: Scorching

The Hotronix® Heated Lower Platen allows you to increase heat on the bottom platen and reduce the temperature on the top platen eliminating the heat press box and scorch marks on heat-sensitive fabrics.

This new platen replaces the need for heat printing pads, pillows, and preheating your garments, increasing productivity by reducing application time.

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Challenge #3: Time-Consuming Placement

Stahls’ SimStitch® has been enhanced to an easier than ever application method at no additional cost. SimStitch and Sublimated SimStitch in Any Word. Any Way.® and Custom Cut now come pre-aligned and masked for fast single placement and application. No manual layout of separate pieces required.

*Solid, single pieces may not apply.

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